Why choose dental implants?


Dental implants are often the number one recommendation of dental healthcare professionals for the treatment of missing teeth. This is because they are the closest thing to natural teeth modern dentistry has available. They offer a suite of incredible benefits that not only allows patients to eat, speak and smile comfortably and with confidence, but which are simply unmatched by other, more traditional tooth replacement technologies.

With dental implantsyou can:

Get Your Smile Back

You only need to lose one tooth to experience the uncomfortable loss of self-confidence that comes with a “gappy” smile. Losing more than one tooth, or experiencing a failing dentition as a result of gum disease, or for any reason, is therefore truly crippling and the consequences are felt in both the social and professional working environments.

Dental implants support replacement teeth that are carefully fabricated to be virtually indistinguishable from the natural teeth they are replacing. In most cases, your friends and family won’t even be able to tell the difference!

Eat and Speak Normally


Missing teeth along with dental solutions such as removable dentures, have a huge impact upon your ability to eat and speak properly. But because dental implants function similar to natural tooth roots and are specifically manufactured to be able to support a strong bite, they enable patients to eat most of their favorite foods, as well as speak clearly and with confidence. With advanced procedures designed to give edentulous (not having any natural teeth left) and near-edentulous patients new teeth again, namely the All-on-4®, the bothersome clicking of dentures could be a thing of the past.

Enjoy the Benefits of Great Long-lasting Oral Health

More conventional approaches to replacing teeth, such as traditional dental bridges, often require the teeth on either side of the empty space(s) to be ground down to provide support for a replacement tooth/teeth. Even partial dentures, which make use of metal hooks attached to neighboring teeth, can cause perfectly healthy teeth to become fractured and decayed over time. Dental implants function primarily independent of your remaining dentition and therefore don’t typically affect or damage the neighboring teeth.

Another important benefit of dental implants is that they replace the entire missing tooth structure, including the root. This helps to transmit the stimulating forces associated with eating to the underlying jawbone, keeping it healthy and bulky. Removable dentures, on the other hand, only replace the crowns of the missing teeth and in the absence of the stimulation previously supplied by the tooth roots, the jawbone can begin to atrophy and shrink, causing bite strength to weaken and one’s youthful facial contours to look prematurely aged.

Enjoy Ultimate Oral Comfort

Dental implants function similar to durable natural tooth roots, which makes the crowns and bridges they support feel very much like natural teeth. They also don’t typically damage and cause pain to the surrounding teeth or soft tissues. Removable dentures, on the other hand, rest on and press down against the underlying gums and atrophied ridge. This pressure and incessant rubbing can cause the delicate soft tissue of the gums to become irritated and inflamed and even lead to the development of painful oral sores. Many denture wearers need to keep stocked up on expensive anesthetic creams just to keep pain and discomfort at bay.

No one wants to be constantly aware of the fact that they’ve lost teeth and have had to have them replaced. Same day dental implants can achieve this like no other conventional dental technology.

Have an Entire Mouth of Missing Teeth Replaced in Just One Day

The All-on-4® is an innovation in the field of fixed oral rehabilitation that enables most patients to receive new teeth with dental implants in just one day. These teeth not only provide patients with similar bite strength to a complete set of natural teeth, they also look natural and are non-removable.

The revolutionary All-on-4® techniques used by MALO SMILES enjoy tremendous worldwide success in restoring smiles the same day.  We utilize clinically proven techniques and protocols as well laboratory components of the world renowned MALO CLINIC headquartered in Lisbon, inventors and continuous innovators of the All-on-4®  procedure.

Get a Life Long Solution to Single and Multiple Missing Teeth

Implant-supported prostheses and ceramic crowns, if cared for properly, are capable of providing patients with a comfortable, functional and highly aesthetic teeth replacement solution for decades. Just remember to come to MALO SMILES for regular check-ups and professional cleanings and you may be able to keep your new teeth for a lifetime!


Creating Smiles. Changing Lives.

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