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Teeth In A Day™ New York: How it’s Possible

In 1993, the dental implant protocol called the “All-on-4®” was introduced to the market by its innovator Dr. Paulo Malo in collaboration with Nobel Biocare; one of the world’s largest dental implant manufacturers. Amongst the many benefits boasted by this “revolutionary” protocol was its ability to give New York residents, and those from all over the world, new Teeth In A Day.

That’s right. For the people who had lost most of all of their teeth to gum disease, or who had been diagnosed with a “failing” or “terminal” dentition, getting a brand new set of beautiful and non-removable teeth was entirely possible and in as short a treatment time as one day.

A Brief Look at Traditional Dental Implant Techniques

Forget a new smile in a day in New York: traditional dental implant protocols would frequently take as long as 18 months to provide patients with new teeth! Additionally, the journey to getting there would be an arduous one with multiple surgeries, endless procedures, follow-ups and recovery periods. It would often be a long, costly and painful, journey, which is why so many New York residents instead chose partials and removable dentures… the dental implant alternative was simply too daunting!

There was a dire need for a dental implant technique that would bypass the need for multiple surgeries and bone grafting (an additional, expensive and painful procedure typically needed by patients who have lived with dentures or without natural teeth for many years). Dr. Malo fulfilled that need with the innovation of the “All-on-4®”, which, today, routinely gives New York patients, and those from further away, new Teeth In One Day™.

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