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Dental Implants New York

Periodontal (gum) disease, tooth loss and edentulism (not having any natural teeth) are pervasive problems that affect the majority of adults entering into their late adulthood. In fact, statistics reveal that a shocking 80% of all Americans suffer from some stage of periodontal disease and most of them don’t even know that their oral health is at risk! Thankfully, dental implants can offer New York residents a fantastic solution to missing teeth, whether one tooth has been lost to decay or all of them to the ravages of periodontal disease.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants

In New York, dental implants are often considered the best technology for the fixed (*non-removable) replacement of single and multiple missing teeth for almost all patient cases. An implant consists of a titanium screw, which serves as an “anchor” attached to the jawbone, instead of the missing tooth root. This provides a sturdy foundation for either a ceramic tooth crown – when a single tooth is being replaced – or, in the case of multiple implants and a prosthetic dental bridge – when multiple teeth or even an entire dental arch is being replaced.

Tooth implants mimic the function of natural teeth and so New York residents can enjoy the following benefits:

  • A strong and natural bite,
  • Beautiful and natural looking teeth,
  • Being able to eat most, if not all of your favorite foods,
  • Teeth that feel comfortable and not like foreign objects,
  • Ease of cleaning,
  • Teeth that are non-removable and don’t need to come out at night,

Dental implants are, in many cases, a one-time investment and have the potential to last many decades or even a lifetime if cared for properly.

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