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Dental Implants New Jersey

In the first few months subsequent to the placement of your new teeth at our New Jersey dental implants center, the implant surface and surrounding bone will be undergoing a crucial healing period. It is during this time that the bone tissue in the jaw will be forming a very strong biological bond to the surface of the implant in a process referred to as ‘osseointegration’. As a result, if New Jersey residents have received a tooth on the same day the implant was placed, they will need to be careful about what they eat.

Since the titanium implant will be fusing with the jawbone, eating foods that are hard, chewy and/or crunchy might put a strain on the developing bond between the implant surface and the bone. This can compromise the healing process by causing unwanted movement of the dental implant prior to the biological bond forming, leading to a greater risk of implant failure. The highly specialized team of dental implant professionals at our New Jersey dental implant facility will advise you if and when this “immediate function” dental implant option is not in your best interest.

To properly monitor the healing progress, New Jersey patients will be required to come back to MALO SMILES Advanced Implant Dentistry for periodic follow up appointments so that we can make sure that they are healing well. Once complete healing has taken place, New Jersey residents will be free to eat virtually all the foods they love once again! Looking after your new tooth implants involves the same routine as with natural teeth: regular brushing and flossing, along with hygiene visits for a professional cleaning.

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