What are dental implants?


There are a number of factors that can cause one or more of your natural teeth to become so damaged or decayed that they either fall out on their own or have to be extracted. In most cases, however, the best replacement solution for a missing tooth is a dental implant.

Dental implants are durable ‘tooth roots replacements’ that can be used to provide a sturdy foundation for a single ceramic tooth/crown or along with other implants for a fixed prosthetic dental bridge, in the case of single and multiple teeth replacement respectively.

Most dental implants are constructed almost entirely from the metal titanium, which is exceptionally strong, lightweight, non-corrodible and virtually biologically inert. These important factors make titanium the perfect material for the replacement of missing teeth because it does not invoke a significant inflammatory response from our bodies and can support a natural bite force.

Dental implants can offer a fantastic, long-term and highly aesthetic tooth replacement solution to patients of all ages and various states of oral health. While tooth decay and gum disease may be most responsible for claiming the lives of teeth, even those who are meticulous about maintaining excellent oral hygiene can find themselves in need of new teeth!

Perhaps best of all, dental implants are easy to maintain and, if cared for properly with the right balance of professional and home care, can last decades and even a lifetime!

All-on-4® Dental Implants NJ

Dental implants are not only used to replace single missing teeth; the All-on-4® is a revolutionary procedure that can be done to provide patients who have lost all of their adult teeth, or who are on the verge of doing so, with a brand new, beautiful smile. Here at MALO SMILES, our experienced dental implant dentists in NJ are experts in the All-on-4® technique performed the world renowned   “MALO CLINIC Way”. To date, we have treated thousands of patients who previously believed they would never be able to smile again.

So, whether you have lost teeth in an unfortunate accident, to decay, periodontal disease, a failed root canal treatment, too much dental work, a chronic illness (diabetes, for example) or chronic medication, our team of dental implant surgeons and dentists in NJ have the training, expertise and resources to restore your smile and give you your quality of life back!  Find out how our specialists can work along with your existing dentist to give you back the smile you deserve.



Creating Smiles. Changing Lives.

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